Summer in Athens 2016

Summer in Athens 2016

If you can stand the heat, Athens is one of the best summer towns in the South. With plenty of activities, summer camps, and of course music festivals- residents of Athens can really come out to play. Not to mention, with most of the UGA students gone for the summer, we can enjoy a peaceful and laid back environment! Check out some of our highlights of summer ’16:

Summer Camps – Athens offers camps for just about anything your child is interested in, from martial arts to theater. See the Athens Banner Herald’s comprehensive list here.

Swimming Pools – Clean and safe, Athens’ swimming pools offer a great way to cool down! Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services operates five pools in the area that you can find on this list. Our favorites are Bishop Park and Memorial Park. For UGA affiliates there’s Legion Pool, which is a great spot right on campus.

Movies – Athens’ own indie movie theater, Ciné, features great new releases along with classic movies all summer long. This summer you can go see your favorites again on the big screen! 2016’s classics include Cool Hand Luke, The Blues Brothers, Sunset Boulevard (on 35mm), and Raiders of the Lost Ark. See Ciné’s full list of events here.

Music Festivals – This summer, Athens’ two biggest events will help bookend the summer months- Athfest and Popfest. These legendary fests have brought local Athens musicians together with national renown touring acts to create some of the most explosive concerts the South has ever seen. This summer marks Athfest’s 20th anniversary and brings to the stage headliners Arrested Development, Kishi Bashi, Friends and Family, and The Black Lips. Popfest has an extremely appealing lineup as well with, the legendary, Daniel Johnston, Deerhoof, Guerilla Toss, His Name Is Alive, Shopping, Elf Power and more!


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